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tv   Action News 600 PM  ABC  October 13, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the disease within the united states. ali gorman joins us now with all the latest developments. >>reporter:rick, that sparked a lot of questions. the head of the c.d.c. will launch an investigation to find out how the nurse is infected. they are making changes now to keep other health care workers safe. >> we have to rethink the way that we address ebola infection control. >>reporter:the teams are in dallas investigating how this nurse, nina pham, was infected with the deadly ebola virus. she was several health care workers that cared for thomas eric duncan. first person to key of ebola in the united states. she is in stable condition. her colleagues are being
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monitored. >> if we don't know how, within the isolation unit it's possible that other individuals could have been infected as well. >>reporter:richard bassir says that one area to look at is protective gear was removed properly. >> you have to be sprayed down and take things off in the correct order. if you don't have someone directing you to do that and oversee it probably that is where the real period of risk. >>reporter:improvements are made now to keep the health care workers safe. all of hospitals have to be prepared to identify ebola and isolate patients. there are questions about which hospitals should street patients. >> we should think about if they should be transported to a hospital that has the special skill where the workers are training to do this kind of work. >>reporter:there are currently four hospitals in the united
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states with that special training as for the protective gear, as a nurse i put it on. i have taken it off. i never have treated anyone with ebola. it's not as easy as it may seem. there is a lot that goes into. it's something that they will be looking into. thank you, ali. they are stepping up efforts if ebola cases crop up in the valley. they have response carts. they are stocked with masks, gowns and hoods. the patients are taken to an isolation room where the air is vented out. not recirculated. they are keeping ebola response procedures current. >> they are working for weeks to select and send donations to help to stop the spread of ebola. the red cross is assisting in that effort.
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and amy has more. >> it may seem that ebola is far away from philadelphia. volunteers from here at the red cross and also members of our liberian community in philadelphia say that it's hits close to home. there are ways that everyone can help. howard is a social worker. he moved from liberia four years ago. she lost a brother and sister-in-law that died of ebola. howard says that her brother a married father of five called an ambulance on tuesday when he started to feel weak. it arrived on wednesday. he went to a clinic that lacked medicine and an i.v. drip. by saturday he was dead. >> it was devastating for us here, who are leave him there. every day you wonder what other call is coming in. the calls are coming in. it's not good.
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>>reporter:howard's story is a -- they are collecting supplies to send to organizations including church groups and doctors without borders on the ground in west africa. >> it's like a household kit. spray, gloves, mask, and cap and bedding and gown. >> this goes directly to family that had a family member that was ill. >> yes. yes. >>reporter:shipping the supplies to where they are desperately needed is expensive. they are electricity can financial donations starting tomorrow. the red cross is also collecting money to provide supplies and support for their 4,000 volunteers in west africa working to stop the spread of the disease. >> these donations go straight to the ground to keep the workers safe in the community.
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>>reporter:there are ways that everyone can help. we at "action news" will be teaming up tomorrow and holding a phone bank from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. wyoming have representatives of the res cross and other liberian ministers association to take your calls and fundraising donations. the phone lines are open at 6:00. 877-940-6222. the phone lines are hope from 4:00 to 6:30 tomorrow. live at center city. >> she mentioned we are hosting a phone bank to raise funds the members from the red cross. the number is 877-940-6222 between 4 and 6:30 in the afternoon. you can follow the latest developments. we posted the five facts about
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the spread of the virus. we'll get details about the new screening measures at several major airports right now at and in other news tonight two people and a firefighter were hurt when flames rip allowed to this home in delaware county. it happened at 200 block of south springfield road hours ago. two people were hospitalized. a firefighter was treated at the scene. it's not clear what sparked the blaze. the arson investigators want to know who started the blaze including a popular dance studio. and we have the latest in bensalem. chad. >>reporter:rick, the crews continue to board up the bucks county dance center. there is the building gutted by fire. the crews were out here much of
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the day. as the owners. they saddened and vowing to keep the family-run business hope. >>reporter:it has been in business for more than five decades. thousands learned ballet and other dance moves here. the building is a burned out shell gutted by a fire that was intentionally set. >> i can't imagine that anyone would have malicious intent against the studio. >>reporter:the family learned about the arson at 5:00 a.m. >> they are devastated. they are collecting themselves on what to do next. >>reporter:they spotted the building on fire at 4:00 a.m. they extinguished the fire quickly. an arson dog picked up accelerants at the back of studio. >> they are speaking to all the people that go to the facility that live there or a problem
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with the facility. we don't have a specific suspect. >>reporter:the owners tell "action news" that roughly 200 students are enrolled in classes. why they vow to rebuild, for now the focus is on the students. >> they are looking for a place to do classes. they don't want to let the students down. >>reporter:again, the police have no suspects. they have been searching the area businesses hoping to find some surveillance video. so far they have not. they are hoping to get a tip for anyone that may have been out here at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning that may have seen something suspicious. live in ben sa salem, chad pradelli. this was the scene from chopper~6 at 9:00. a single vehicle hit a pole at westtown way. it brought down wires and landed on the carhwetrapping the driver
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inside. the rescuers took the driver in hospital in an unknown condition. it opened before 2:00. one person is dead on the new jersey turnpike in gloucester county. it happened at exit 2 in woolwich township. a pickup truck hit the rear of a tractor-trailer and causing it to overturn. the driver the utility truck was killed. the pick-up truck driver had minor injuries. the turnpike re-opened at 10:00 this morning. still to come on monday night the change of seasons hope to find the accused cop killer eric frein in the poconos. and an update the day after the eagles-giant win. we have sports. and cecily tynan? >> a power storm system is bring severe weather including tornadoes.
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this will have a huge impact on our weather by the middle of the week. i'll explain how in the accuweather forecast. those stories and more when "action news" at 6:00 comes right back. ♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪ ♪ (dad) there's nothing i can't reach in my subaru. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru,a subaru.
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june. they were forced back t back toy two presidential emergency boards. eric frein that shot at two state troopers is continuing this month. they are hoping that the falling leaves give them better advisability to find the cop killer. more on the continuing search efforts there walter. >>reporter:rick, a report for a search of eric frein is running at a cost of more than $1 million a week. the investigators are optimistic that the changing color of leaves is a positive sign that the search will soon come to an end. they are entering stroud township. it is moving slightly to the south. that is something that michael okopala dikopala wanted to hear.
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he admits that with his business located near a densely wooded area he and h his customers are looking over their shoulders every time they go outside. >> it's surreal. state troopers at my house and helicopters taking me out of my home. i crazy. >>reporter:eric frein is the gunman wanting for the murder of dickson and the wounding of douglas one month ago. the authorities are saying that time is on their side. as the weather turns colder and leaves are falling the dense tree color is receding. the neighbors say that they are not sure that the veteran invess are look to find what they are looking for in the poconos.
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>> maybe he joined isis or something. they are wasting their time. but it's not my call. >>reporter:they are wrapping blue ribbons on mailboxes. they wants eric frein brought to justice. walter perez, "channel~6 action news." walter, thank you. americans celebrated columbus day in trenton. there was a wreath ceremony at n trenton. and a procession to st. juan church. the americans have gathered on this holiday in elmwood park for a ceremony filled with special guests. the guests were treated to a hot, auth
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if we want to be ready for a longer retirement. ducis is here. the victory didn't come without casualties. darren sproles suffered what looked like a serious knee injury. it's a sprained mcl. it occurred in the third quarter in the win over the giants. the knee is not supposed to bend that way. sproles did not return to the game. >> we'll see how long it will be. it could be a week or two. we have a week off. so he will get treatment. we'll assess him on tuesday. >> he takes the load off. he taking his own package to make plays. we are effective together. special teams, the other thing about him, he does that so well.
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>> the eagles offense got going early. nick foles had two touchdowns. it was a thing of beauty. the eagles led 10-0. that was more than enough the way that the defense was playing. eli manning sacked eight times. he had six on the year in six games. the eagles won 27-0. this is the team's first shutout in 18 years. jamie apody works the locker room. >> the giants talked all week. they stepped on the eagles logo for the game. >> they did that? >> they did that. >> it's over now. all the talk and that didn't work out. >> is this the way to keep them quiet. 27-0 that is not just a win. >> we are giant killers what can we say. >> what does that do for the defense and confidence? >> it's a bar. all week, all season we improved every single week.
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you know, we will take the bye and look at what we did wrong. every week you try to improve and get less and less mistakes. we wanted to keep the 0 in there. it was fun. we playing to as a team. that is all you can ask for. >> you know going to the bye week it's a great feeling. this is great feeling on the bye week. especially with, given the goose egg. >> winning is always fun. tonight we'll have more on the birds victory and the state of the team and join mike quick and the entire sports team the eagles gameday final tonight at 11:35. and vincent is out of the game. they know it's far too early to
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panic. >> the last three years we had awful starts. you no he, we were able to pull out of it last year. there is a lot of character in this room. we have to stop it now and not let it go any further. >> we have a good group of guys and a good team. it's playing a team system out there and playing 60 minutes. >> still early. you like to see them get victories. that will be nice. the thank you,
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meteorologist cecily tynan is here now. you may want to keep that umbrella handy. >> we have light showers and drizzle. you will need it wednesday night and thursday morning. we are showing that we have some drizzle around as we zoom in. not anything all that heavy all that intense. but we do have showers right now in the lehigh valley near allentown, bethlehem and crossing route 309 near quakertown. and we have the concentrated bands at the jersey shore and sea aisea isle city. we are dealing with the clouds and drizzle. it's focusing on the middle of the week. the front that i showed you it's slicing through the midwest. it moving through here on wednesday and thursday. the computer models that we determine the forecast and how much rain is about three-quarters of an inch and an inch half. an inch of rain is a good bet.
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the timing is not good for the morning commute. the band of heavy downpours over us. also a chance of thunderstorms could cause localized flooding. it will slow things down on thursday morning. right now we are stuck in the clouds. 64 in philadelphia. 59 in allentown. 64 in millville. 64 in wilmington. there is a cold front pushing through. the occasional showers through the day. it connects to the cold front, through the midwest. when you see a shape like this it's a strong storm system. we have tornado watches. seven tornadoes were reported today. the system moves east. it weakens by the time to gets here. it's a big impact to our weather. high pressure to off to the east. and wind shifts to the south. waking up to fog. it slows down for the morning
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commute. the sunshine is back. it feels like summer. high 78 degrees. wednesday it clouds up. it will get warmer with a high of 80 degrees. it brings us rain late in the day. wednesday night with thunderstorms. it lingers through thursday morning. there is a new hurricane in the atlanta. it's the sixth in the season. gonzalo. it's near the u.s. virgin islands moving at 12 miles-an-hour. what it will do is start to recurve northeast. that means that bermuda a second weekend in a row in the crosshairs of a tropical system. it was hit by faye. and gonzalo could be a category 2 hurricane. it could be a strong storm system. the temperatures will not be dropping much. 59 in the suburbs.
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62 for center city. fog not morning afternoon sunshine. warm and humid. people like a typical summer day. 78. wednesday we bump it up to 80. wednesday night rain moving in for the first half of the day on thursday. thursday afternoon sunshine back. 73. friday is looking nice. 71 degrees. saturday a mix of sun and clouds. and 71. perhaps an evening shower on saturday. look at this on sunday. the high 64. we drop down to 62 on monday. by the middle of next week the afternoon highs may not climb out of the 50s. warm area and then the temperatures really are stepping down. thank you, cecily. we have "world news with david muir" is next. join us for "action news" at 11:00 on "channel~6 action news."
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welcome to "world news tonight." and breaking right now, the deadly or the nay doles touching down across several states. more than 20 million americans on alert for severe storms tonight. in the middle of this country and moving east. also, the tropical storm that just turned into a hurricane. also this evening, the first case of ebola transmitted in america. the 26-year-old nurse from dallas and her little dog, both in isolation. and we ask here, how long does ebola last on surfaces, on your skin? and the new scare on the plane that landed in boston. the pictures coming in. the 911 call just coming in from inside a school bus tonight. 80 students on board. they say the driver begins to swerve. you'll hear the terrified calls. what was the driver on? and the deadliest catch. our ginger zee out to sea with